Bolt Free Shelving

Both long span and stow shelving systems can be equipped with floors and stairs to create multitier application
Two types of flooring systems are common used: either
• Intermediate walkways
• Floor-over systems
Or a combination of both . In general wooden decking or a grating floor is applied. Whether installing, maintaining or expanding our professional installers offer a fast and sage installation.
All of our equipment is manufactured according to the highest quality and safety regulations.
This simple to install Tyre Racking is assembled without any nuts and bolts and requires no special tools. The tubular beams allow tyres to be easily rolled onto the racking and provides the perfect support. The tyres rack heights of up to 5M available from stock.
Characteristics with drive-in and drive-through racking, load units are stored on the racking depth one after the other on two continuous shelves.
Bolt free shelving. It can be constructed at virtually any height, up to 11 meters. Two-tier installations incorporating operator walkways can exploit building height, while high-rise installations using picking cranes can maximize storage by reducing aisle widths.
It can also be mounted onto mobile bases to make high density low-rise storage
Slotted Angle Racks, Complete Solutions for space management. In all, our slotted angled racks provides and effectual solution to the storage requirements shop offices and library. There is lace for slotted angle racks.